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Clunky, ugly, industrial ventilation systems are a thing of the past

For many people, when they think about industrial ventilation systems from installer Clean Air Environmental, the image that comes to mind is of those large, and rather unappealing, metal air conditioners that sit on top of school buildings and businesses.

industrial ventialtion system designKeeping Equipment Functioning

As technology advances, so does the kind of equipment and machines used in numerous types of industries. Many of these technological advances need machines that are sensitive to humidity and heat, otherwise they could break down if they get overheated. To maintain these new machines and ensure they are operating efficiently, factories and other businesses had to find ways to maintain these machines. The answer has been found in industrial ventilation systems that are large enough to keep different machines such as computers and electrical equipment functioning and cool.

Any benefit workers in those industries got out of having their work station close to the air flow of them was purely incidental, as the main purpose was to maintain the machinery and equipment cool, without a bigger though into the poor, overheated workforce. Because of this, the air con game changed and started to take on a new role: one that provided benefits not only for the gear but for the health of the workers in office spaces. This has reduced the rate of long term illnesses and increased productivity.

While they are still utilised to protect the investment that companies have in their valuable equipment, that now serve a much greater need in protecting the health and the productivity of the men and women working in these buildings. From schools and large assembly halls to many different factories, warehouses and other companies, they work overtime to supply not only the cooling air that sensitive equipment needs but also appropriate ventilation and filtering systems to keep everybody working there safer and healthier than they previously had been.


The size of a specific ventilation system design is based on several factors including the size of the construction it’s needed to support and the specific requirements of the construction. Some jobs where a mobile unit may be utilised, industries where painting or building is done at multiple different sites, there are brilliant alternatives available. Many companies offer air conditioning systems that are 100% portable. For example, these types of air ventilation systems are often utilised in shipbuilding yards. Also, you can get a device that will allow you to control the temperate of your building from a tablet or laptop. Therefore, this utilises your time and saves money.

Industrial ventialtion systems aren’t simply oversize versions of what we picture. They protect valuable machines and technologies from overheating as well as ensuring the top standards of health for employees, because after all, a business must value its machines and workers to be productive and successful. Furthermore, they keep dangerous toxins and dust from circulation around the work area, making it safe for workers and reducing the risk of illness. Overall, healthy work conditions have been proven to increase the productivity of a business, air ventilation systems really are an investment.

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