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Amazon Fresh Promo Codes and Free Scientific Calculator Apps for Android

A scientific calculator is very important for many high school and university level math courses, and they are typically pretty expensive. However, did you know that you can turn an Android smartphone into a scientific calculator with several free apps?

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5 Free Powerful Scientific Calculator Apps for Your Android Device

Perform more than simple arithmetic and percent calculations using your Android smartphone or tablet. A high-performing digital scientific calculator can quickly solve complex trigonometric, integral, and differential equations, among many others. It can also help with angle unit conversions and power root extractions. Here are five high-performing scientific calculator apps to get hold of. They can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store.  

Panecal Scientific Calculator (Appsys)

Richly featured and easy to use, the Panecal Scientific Calculator app is a must-have digital tool for performing engineering, mathematical, and other rigorously technical computations. The app can handle calculations involving absolute values, binary numbers, factorials, logarithmic functions, and power functions. Trigonometric and inverse trigonometric calculations are also possible through this app.  

Classic Calculator (Develop Studios S.L)

The Classic Calculator app offers almost the same range of functionality and computing capability as Panecal Scientific Calculator. What’s more is that the app interface can be personalized, enabling the user to choose from among numerous skins.  

MyScript Calculator (MyScript)

Think of MyScript Calculator as a glorified scientific calculator app. It can convert to digital text and symbols whatever formula and equation you enter via hand-writing with your finger or stylus. Although it is not as feature-packed as traditional scientific calculator apps that use a simulated keyboard interface, MyScript Calculator supports computations involving basic arithmetic, brackets, roots, percentages, factorials, and exponents, as well as trigonometric, inverse trigonometric, and logarithmic functions. 

TechCalc (roaming squirrel)

This ad-supported digital tool is one of the best scientific calculator apps in the market, supporting an impressive range of mathematical and engineering operations. You can use it to solve problems involving matrices, complex numbers in Cartesian and polar coordinate systems, angle conversions, derivatives, integrals, powers, roots, factorials, random numbers, polynomials, logarithmic functions, trigonometric operations, and many others. The free TechCalc app also enables you to create graphs and to save a copy of the resulting graph on your Android device’s SD card. It comes with a section that covers references, detailing statistical formulas, mathematical tables, rules of differentiation and integration, as well as physical laws. 

Total Calculator (woosungsft)

The Total Calculator app is a varied assortment of digital calculators–from the most basic to the most sophisticated calculator that can perform complex computations involving binary numbers, statistical formulas, logarithmic functions, and trigonometric functions. Within this app, there are calculators specifically designed for handling dates and percentages. There’s also a handy unit converter, where you can input and convert units of length, area, velocity, pressure, etc. 

With the right app, your Android smartphone or tablet can serve as a powerful computing machine that instantly yields answers to complex mathematical equations. So, choose from any of the five scientific calculator apps discussed above and have an excellent digital tool at your disposal.