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The Benefits of Music and $100 headphones

Music has been considered very beneficial for thousands of years and an important part of many cultures across the world. Music is important because it is a means of expressing oneself and sharing the experiences and emotions that we all share.

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Music as Creative Expression

In the modern world, music is listened to primarily for relaxation or entertainment. Many people enjoy listening to music in the car or at home as a distraction from the million other things they have to think about throughout the day. Some people do not pay much attention to the music or the words and find it comforting just so that it will not be completely quiet. Others use music as a release from everything that life is throwing at them, and some listen to music as an outlet for their frustrations. However, most everybody who listens to music considers it a means of expression and typically take in the music they listen to as somewhat representative of their ideas, attitudes, and beliefs. Many times music puts into words the feeling many people have about hardships in their lives, emotions, or life events like losing a loved one, or getting married. Music is able to unite us because it allows us to understand how other people feel about certain life events and how they deal with them.

Music as Celebration

However, music now, just as in the past, is used in a celebratory function. Music is used to bring us together, whether it is the playing of the National Anthem or the latest hits being played at the club. Many cultures use music and dance at important life events like weddings to help celebrate and express joy.

Music as a study or work aid?

Studies also show that certain types of music can have a positive effect on the brain, moods, and behavior. Research on both mice and humans have shown that listening to classical music stimulates your brain and can increase creativity, as well as having an overall calming effect. If you are not into classical music, it has also been shown that some techno music has a similar effect on your brain. However, these studies have also found that other types of music have different effects on your brain. Several studies have shown that heavy metal music tends to make listeners more aggressive and have produced very violent reactions when tested on mice. Heavy metal also tends to increase listeners’ heart rates and make them more irritable.

Music as a unifier

In modern culture, music is used mostly for entertainment, but is still used to unite people whether they know it or not. Although music doesn’t typically pull together exclusive groups, the listeners of a certain group or genre usually have several things in common that allow them to relate to each other. Other commemorative songs like the National Anthem are used to remind people of what they have in common and strengthen that bond.